September 29th, 2011 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

“It was an honour and a pleasure to attend the 2011 OFSA Convention in Minnet, Ontario this past week”, beams Hank Brouwer, owner of Boot Hill Hearse.

“I felt like I was adopted into a family of people that take great pride in the services they provide”, he continued.

The Ontario Funeral Association is comprised of funeral homes committed to the values of family-run businesses.

Striving to ensure families are comfortable and that their loved ones are remembered with respect, love and dignity is  standard in all that they do.

“Being part of that convention, meeting all of those people, and how warm and welcoming they were to not only my alternative funeral solution, but most importantly to me says a lot about them as a group” says Brouwer. “I really enjoyed my time and learned a great deal about this industry and the people in it.”

The 2011 Annual convention was held September 26-29th at The Rosseau in Minett, Ontario

Boot Hill Hearse was  on hand showcasing the final tribute ride they have to offer funeral  homes across the province.

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