Motorcycle Clubs

Til Death Do We Ride. It is more than just a mantra to those who ride It is a commitment.

Today biker’s have a choice to have a motorcycle escorted funeral complete with a hearse pulled by a bike. That choice is Boot Hill Hearse. The dignity of a funeral is maintained for family, friends and community and the dedicated biker can have his or her final ride in style.

Boot Hill Hearse is equipped to carry an urn or casket. The final ride down a favourite road or past a favourite hang-out is provided in an always show ready hearse so the final journey will always be remembered and cherished.

If you rode your bike to turn heads, Boot Hill Hearse will continue your wishes until the final ride is complete.


motorcyle_funeralsMotorcycle enthusiasts have been increasing over the last couple of decades and Boot Hill Hearse is honoured to offer an alternative choice in funeral arrangements.

For many, traditional funerals do not hold appeal  because their lifestyle acknowledges the freedom of the ride, the adrenaline of the road and the joy of the free spirit. Boot Hill Hearse helps families to honour those traits with the services of our 2011 Harley Davidson Road King Trike custom built 19th Century “Old West” style hearse coach.  Our coach has the ability to transport caskets and urns.

For those looking for a less traditional, more creative and engaging send-off our service packages are designed for you.  There is no more memorable a way to take your last ride than with us. Your friends riding along with you, like they always have, allows them to be a part of your final ride and send you off the way you lived – in style.

So whether you’ve ridden your entire life or you just want something extremely unique, contact us to find out how we can help you accomplish that.