June 13th, 2011 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

Planning your own funeral, your own alternative funeral send off might perhaps be one of the greatest and final gifts you can give to friends and family.

Pre-planning your funeral outlining clearly your wishes for ceremony, transportation and burial helps avoid conflict and undue stress. Pre-planing your funeral allows your family and friends to focus on your life, their grief and recovery from their loss.

You can plan and pre-arrange from flowers to eulogy, Where you will be buried and how. Even something as simple as what type of transportation your funeral procession will be.

When people think of pre-planning a funeral they often think about tye type of memorial service, the religious aspects and their beliefs and the perhaps the music to be played. But just as importantly, pre-planning your funeral should include consideration of organ donation, monetary donation in lieu of flowers and even a list of individuals you would like contacted in the event of your passing.

The benefits of pre-planning your own funeral allows you time to research and visit funeral homes, personalize your own service and eliminate second guessing by survivors.  Of course there is always the investment argument in pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral which spares your loved ones the often difficult decision of choosing a casket or arrangements or service types.

Solid pre-planning of your funeral eliminates complications and allows you to create your own send off, in a manner you would like.

Pre-plan your own send off, whether it be traditional or alternative.

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