Peter Parent loved to ride. His final ride took place on June 1, 2015 with friends and loved ones present.

The poem on Peter’s tribute perhaps summed it up best for this rider.

Til We  Ride Again

As my Harley rolls to a stop
l’ve reached the Heavenly gate
The wind  in my hair down a
Winding road had guided me
To our Father’s door

I  see people cheering
I know the  faces well
My family  & friends welcome me
To the heaven where they dwell

All the  pains & sufferings
That burdened us before
Are gone and long forgotten

As I shift it one more time and cruise
On down the road
Family  & friends  are still crying  and
Don’t want to let me go

I know they  miss my presence
But our memories will suffice  and
God will help them  on their journey
Till we ride together  in paradise.

Tonia Parent-Vicary

Peter’s Final Ride can be viewed in his gallery.

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