July 16th, 2012 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

With record temperatures being set it was hot in Port Dover!

The Friday the 13th tradition is more than 30 years young. Started in 1981, it ‘s roots took hold in 1971 when George Simons gave his son a Rubb minibike.

It never occurred to him that he had started a life-long passion in his son Chris Simons.

When he grew up, Chris’ passion turned into a business with a well known bike shop in Port Dover called “biker’s Delight.”

Eventually Chris Simons and about 25 friends, through word of mouth, got together at the Commercial Hotel {The Zoo}, now known as Angelos of Dover.

It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. They had such a good time they decided they should do it every Friday the 13th. And so the tradition was born.

And so we find ourselves there every year. Enjoying the love of the day, the spirit of riding and the wonderful people who come out to Friday the 13th!

We were so busy we didn’t have time to take many pictures so please visit the official Port Dover Friday the 13th site to get your fill of the event!

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