June 6th, 2013 by kellyduck under Boot Hill News

Riders can shake the ground one more time with a fitting send off in a motorcycle hearse with a  2011 Harley Davidson hauling trike  and a 19th century Old West style hearse.

At the recent FASC Trade Show 2013 in London, Ontario Boot Hill Hearse epitomized the theme of the event by offering a customized, personalized option for funerals.

motorcycle hearse, Boot Hill HearseHank Brouwer owns the only motorcycle hearse in Canada and when it’s in use, it turns heads. Often there are another 200 choppers and other motorcycles thundering down the road in procession behind him and his precious cargo.

“We find people don’t stop for funerals anymore, they don’t care,” he said. “But when they see this coming down the road, they get out of the way. If I had a nickel for every picture that has been taken, it would be paid for already.”

The motorcycle hearse is owned by Brouwer of Boot Hill Hearse. It can carry urns as well as caskets and Boot Hill also carries custom urns for those wishing to be cremated in the lifestyle they so love. FASC Trade Show, London 2013

London Community News reports Brouwer was one of the more popular exhibitors at the trade show associated with the 2013 annual convention of the Funeral Service Association of Canada (FSAC) held Wednesday (June 5) at the London Convention Centre. You can read the full story here

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