June 22nd, 2011 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

It was your journey, your life and so it should be your decision on how you want others to say their goodbyes.

You can choose to have your service in any form you want. Choose your day of the week, your time of day and the place you want your friends and family to gather. Choose the music you want played, the prayers or words you would like expressed and any special arrangements you want added to the day. Special additions can include things close to your heart that will help create a lasting memory. Guests can plant trees, release balloons, enjoy a party or simply share memories. The possibilities are endless.

Alternative funerals don’t necessarily mean something completely out of the norm. Designing your own funeral gives you control on how your life is represented. Begin with smaller issues such as your choice of burial or cremation and then decide where you want your final resting to place to be. Once those decisions are made it is easier to focus on things such as caskets, choice of flowers or whether or not you even want flowers.

Designing your own funeral is a great opportunity open discussions with your family and find out their feelings as well as comfort levels for various decisions you may ask them to make.

Funeral planners and Funeral Home Directors are a wonderful choice to help you begin. They can offer clarity and advice on choices as well as alternative funeral options their own funeral homes provide.

Don’t be afraid to choose your own funeral, your way. After all, it was your life to live.

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