Death is not about just sadness. It is about a celebration of life and the memories that were created through moments of laughter, moments of love and moments of connection.

Our Cremains Jewellery was designed to pay tribute to the uniqueness of your loved ones and their passion for a lifestyle or for enjoying their weekends riding as a weekend warrior. For service men and women who rode Cremains Jewellery is the perfect tribute to the lives they lead with honour.

Cremains Jewelry is now available through Boot Hill Hearse. Choose from sterling silver or 10 kt yellow gold.

These very detailed sterling silver motorcycle sculptures come with a sterling silver chain. The hidden chamber in the back of the piece is reserved for the ashes or for a lock of hair so that you can carry a memory of that special someone with you.

We have reserved a small space for a few words of engraving or the initials of your loved ones.

This unique and ever lasting tribute is one that lasts forever and can be discreetly worn each and every day to keep your loved one close at heart.

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