May 28th, 2013 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

A Harley Davidson hearse service is now available in Arizona. Boot Hill Hearse has opened its first location in the South Western United States near Tucson, Arizona.

The Old West style Harley Davidson hearse offers a unique and memorable “last ride” reflecting the spirit of the individual it pays tribute to. With the growing demand for alternative funeral solutions, Boot Hill Hearse transcends the traditional funeral with a fitting send-off that celebrates individualism and living life to the fullest. It’s mantra – “SHAKE THE GROUND ONE MORE TIME” reflects the character of those who have lived large and have no intention of leaving quietly.

With a newly discovered love for the state of Arizona and all it has to offer, Boot Hill Hearse owner Hank Brouwer, was determined to expand his existing Harley Davidson hearse service to the Grand Canyon State.

Brouwer launched the original Boot Hill Hearse in Ontario, Canada, after purchasing his first custom Harley Davidson Hearse. While the Ontario motorcycle hearse was piano black, Brouwer choose a different look and finish for the Arizona rig.


“The Arizona Harley Davidson Hearse and trike are a gorgeous gray, classy and classic with a color palette that complements the earth tones of Arizona.”

Brouwer has a second home in Arizona and has plans to build his US motorcycle hearse service modeled after his Canadian success.

“We work with our affiliate funeral homes and client families to create a lasting, memorable and respectful tribute” says Brouwer. “The coach has the ability to transport cremation urns as well as caskets of any size so we can accommodate anyone’s needs and wishes.”

Boot Hill Hearse is working with a growing number of funeral homes eager to offer their clientele alternative funeral options. Boot Hill Hearse will be serving all of Arizona including the Phoenix, Tucson and Tempe regions.

The services of Boot Hill Hearse are available by contacting Hank Brouwer or Marsha Johnston at 520-762-9342 or by completing the online contact form.

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