June 13th, 2011 by Boot Hill Hearse under Boot Hill News

More and more families are looking to create a funeral memorial for a loved one that has greater personal meaning than traditional funerals.

There are many, many options available moving away from the standard funerals. Coping with the passing of a loved one is eased when you are able to pay tribute to that loved one in a unique, dignified manner that stands out just as their lives stood out from others. Alternative funerals allow for that.

Comparatively, alternative funerals are no more expensive than traditional and often alternative add-ons can make the difference in the personalization of the send off. The benefit of alternative funerals is that it recognizes the individual and and honours their memory.

New, younger generations believe that funerals are now about celebrating someone’s life and not mourning their passing. They recognize the need to grieve but embrace the desire to reflect on happier moments and involving friends along with family in the celebration of the journey of life of the individual who has passed.

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