Harley Davidson hearse - Boothill Hearse - Ontario, Canada

Hank Brouwer is a die-hard, avid, Harley owner and rider.

When he saw his first Victorian-era hearse towed by a three-wheeled motorcycle, it was to say goodbye to his good friend of 30 plus years.

Hank knew from the moment he joined the line up of American bikers revving their motorcycles in memorial to their friend, that this was the service he wanted to offer to those who deserved a send-0ff as bold as the life they lived.

Not satisfied with average, Hank pledged to create a unique experience that would provide a lasting, memorable and respectful tribute that stands alone.  In addition to the custom built motorcycle hearse, Hank ordered a new Harley Davidson Road King Trike to tow and compliment the one-of-a-kind funeral hearse.


Boot Hill Hearse is available to any one who celebrates individualism and living life to the fullest. It is a fitting tribute to men and women who have served their country, fallen police officers, firemen, motorcycle club members and weekend warriors.

The Boot Hill Harley hearse is also equipped to carry cremation urns as well as caskets.

Riding for the love of the road – Boot Hill Hearse (the last ride) offers a unique experience and a memorable send-off.

Please contact us today to find out more information.

Active military, killed in the line of duty have basic fees waived. Other fees apply.